Weekly horoscope december 23

In time, the truth will be revealed. Avoid loaning or borrowing cash on Tuesday when Neptune in your money sphere will be clouding your judgement.

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If you have an upcoming financial commitment, wait until next week before making your move. Which will you choose? The high road or the low road? Remember that the easier option is usually the least rewarding in the long term. Trust your instincts. You have a plethora of new beginnings and fresh starts available to you.

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Choose wisely as your next move counts towards starting a brand new chapter but this time, you get to write your own script and change the narrative of past mistakes. Prior to the shift, an intense bunch of feelings may surface. Consider this a period of emotional cleansing. A people-pleaser you are not!

December 23 Zodiac Sign

However, this week you may feel obliged to sacrifice for the sake of another. As one of the most warm-hearted signs of the zodiac, your generous nature reaches out to someone in need. Your good intentions may misfire, leaving you feeling bewildered and drained. Try to find the right balance between prioritising your needs and those of others.

A secret admirer emerges as your love-life heats up. Committed couples calm friction through a lengthy, heartfelt conversation. The discussion may become intense and uncomfortable but seeing it through to a resolution will bring shared understanding and increased intimacy. The Universe is offering you the chance to trail-blaze in new and wild ways. Intuitively feel your way forward rather than over think yourself around in circles.

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With Venus still flowing through your sign, making a harmonious connection with powerful Pluto on Sunday, your love-life burns bright. Relish the extra attention that comes your way next weekend, Scorpio.

Extra expenses around the home or buying Christmas gifts may be draining your bank account more than you had anticipated, when Mercury clashes with Neptune on Tuesday. If something in your routine is missing now, the new moon eclipse on January 6 with bring a shift that allows you to make space for it. As the sun has its final moments in Sagittarius this week, you make the final push towards getting your career in order before you switch into total party mode later Friday afternoon.

A party for a Pisces is really just a way to network professionally. This weekend is sappy and romantic. Some surprises to your career come later in the week as the sun harmonize with shocking Uranus on Thursday morning, allowing you to be yourself with no regrets. On Friday, you get a lot off of your chest about something you passionately believe in as communication planet Mercury meets expansive Jupiter.

The winter solstice begins a period of recognition for your accomplishments, as the sun transits your house of legacy—important people recognize how responsible you are! You may start to feel this sooner than others, Venus-ruled Taurus, but the end of this week is incredibly romantic. Love planet Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune on Friday afternoon, encouraging you to get carried away with your partner.

You talk a lot of shit, Gemini, and this weekend, you talk even more shit. Your prankster planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, meets over-exaggerating Jupiter on Friday afternoon in your house of partnerships. Take everything with a grain of salt. Love planet Venus harmonize with deceptive Neptune, so people are being overly idealistic.

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  • You make some surprising career moves inspired by another coworker mid-week, as the sun harmonizes with shocking Uranus on Thursday. By Friday, the tasks seem to really pile up as communication planet Mercury meets with expansive Jupiter, so try to break them up into smaller pieces. Love planet Venus harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, inspiring a super sentimental mood about your closest relationships. Think about everyone in your life who has helped you get where you are today, and thank them.

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    As your warm and vital planetary ruler, the Sun, reaches its final moments in fun-loving Sagittarius, you get the urge to go out and have some fun before the weekend even begins. The good news is, other people are going to want to help you get your chores done. There is a flurry of activity at home this weekend, Virgo! Your planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, meets Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration, in your domestic sector, giving you a lot of ambition to plan and dig deep for inspiration for your ideal living situation.

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    As the sun spends its final moments in Sagittarius, there is a sense of urgency to get things done around the house before it enters Capricorn on Friday afternoon and kicks off holiday celebrations. Under the light of the full moon, you see that there are people way out there who would take care of you.

    As the week draws to a close, you feel a sense of urgency to get all of your research done on academic programs and travel plans, catch up on all of your emails, and prepare to hunker down indoors for the winter, since the sun takes its final steps in Sagittarius and pushes through to Capricorn. Friday is an especially strong day for you to ambitiously brainstorm these future plans as messenger Mercury meets with horizon-gazing Jupiter right before the sun enters Capricorn.