Beliefnet virgo horoscope

Dec/Jan 2011

Don't be misled by Virgo's symbol— there's nothing virginal about them. Sure, they are more modest than some, but under that persnickety exterior lies a sensitive and caring lover.

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Whether your beloved has a Virgo Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising, keep reading to discover a wealth of wisdom that will help you to get the most from your relationship with your Virgo love. Or if you are a Virgo yourself, you just might find a way to create even more perfection in your life. Read the first Virgo love fact. She focuses on therapeutic and healing approaches that encourage empowerment and personal growth. Visit www.

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Life for Virgo is made up of order and routine, and Virgo in love needs to know that one step will be followed by the next one. For Virgo life is not something to be lived willy-nilly with a lot of impulsive decisions or reactions. So if you love a Virgo you will need to permit him or her the space to take care of the relationship details--then Virgo can ultimately relax into a loving relationship.

Virgo is the sign of discrimination, and this is sometimes interpreted as perfectionism. Your Virgo also loves to be of service, and one way he or she will show love is by helping you in all kinds of ways. Virgos might not be the most emotionally demonstrative, but they are among the most loyal!

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  5. Virgo is most compatible with sensitive people who will not rock their world with uncertainty. Cancer and Pisces will exhibit the empathy that Virgo needs so that his or her life can remain in balance. The Virgo heart does not open overnight, and it can take a long time before Virgo has enough trust to open fully to a loved one.

    Patience and understanding are the virtues that are most important when waiting for the Virgo heart to open. Understanding and honoring the inner need for rules and the secret fears of your Virgo lover will ensure you a place in Virgo's heart forever.

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    Unless they have other influences in their chart, they will not be interested in experimentation but will approach the sexual act with reverence and respect. For Virgo, love itself is the secret. Virgos love routine and the comfort of knowing what to expect, and they typically do not respond well to surprises. Virgo is happiest when new things are introduced slowly into her life so that everything can be assimilated in an orderly fashion.

    This is an annual event not to be wasted. If you're in a relationship, then you'll notice any rough edges between you and your love dissipate as the rays of unconditional love take over.


    You're not only more willing to overlook any problems or forgive any slights, but you'll also find that you and your sweetheart genuinely adore and appreciate each other for your best qualities. It's nice to have a trend where you focus on the good and not the bad as holding each other in high regard is the only way to assure lasting love. Valentine's Day should be extra sweet for you thanks to a gorgeous link between Venus and Saturn on February Since Saturn is in your true love sector, this might be when you and someone you've started to date realize that you can overcome a certain obstacle that has been making it difficult for your relationship to run as smoothly as you'd like.