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Letter U Hat. What pictures did we come up with for the U hat? A unicycle, an umbrella, and a unicorn. Letter V Hat. Color the vulture, violin, and the vase. Print some Vs. Cut it out, assemble, and wear it home.

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Letter W Hat. Letter X Hat. You're probably thinking, "I bet they couldn't come up with three different pictures for the X crown. We couldn't. This crown features an x-ray and a xylophone. What did we choose for the third picture? See for yourself. Letter Y Hat. The Letter Y headband has a picture of yogurt, a yak, and a yo-yo. Trace and print some Ys and help your students put it together. Letter Z Hat. The final crown in our letter series features graphics with a zebra, a zero, and a zipper. Numbers 1 - Number 1 Crown. This crown presents the number 1.

Trace the number 1 on the headband. Color the numbers on the front. For best results, print on sturdy card stock. Number 2 Crown. The front of the crown has two hearts and the word "two. Number 3 Crown. Use this fun crown when your "number of the day" or "number of the week" is three! Number 4 Crown. Number 5 Crown. Number 6 Crown. Number 7 Crown.

Number 8 Crown. Students can trace and write the number 8 and color the pictures. Number 9 Crown. Number 10 Crown. Celebrate double digits! This ten crown can be decorated and cut out by students. Then attach the parts together with tape and they can wear it. Super Star Hat Color. This black-and-white Super Star hat can be colored in before it is worn. Math Whiz Kid Color.

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Super Speller Color. The Super Speller headband has a picture of a yellow and black striped spelling bee on it. Super Reader Color. Here's a full-color crown that you can print out. Cut it out, attach the pieces with tape, and give it to a Super Reader in your class to wear. Here's a black and white version of the Super Reader crown. Kids can color in the crowns and wear them on their heads. Kindness Award Color. Use colored pencils to shade in the smile faces and the letters.

Then assemble and wear this Kindness Award hat. Happy Helper Color. The Happy Helper hat is the perfect reward for students who show exceptionally helpful behaviors in the classroom. Birthday Crowns. Birthday Crown Full Color. Cut out the crown, glue or tape it together, and then give it to your birthday child to wear. We recommend you print this on thick card stock paper.

Birthday Crown Black and White. Kids can color it in before they wear it. Print on card stock. Here's a birthday crown that a 3-year old student can wear. This version is full-color, so all you'll need to do is cut it out and tape the parts together. We recommend you print this on card stock. Here's a black-and-white version of the 3-year-old birthday crown. Kids can color it in. All you need to do is cut it out and tape the pieces together. Birthday Crown: Age 4 Full Color. Use this hat to celebrate the birthday of a child who is turning 4 years old.

Print this file in full color, on card stock. This is the black-and-white birthday hat for a 4-year-old child. Kids'll have a blast coloring it in. Birthday Crown: Age 5 Full Color. Print this full-color crown for your 5-year-old's b-day. Simply print of thick paper, cut it out, and glue the parts together. Five-year-olds love to celebrate their birthday with a crown! Color it in, cut it out, and attach the pieces together. Birthday Crown: Age 6 Full Color. Turning six is super exciting! Celebrate birthdays in your class with these crown craft.

Birthday Crown: Age 7 Full Color. This birthday hat for a 7-year-old can be colored, assembled with tape, and worn.

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For best results, print on card stock paper. Autumn is here! The first day of autumn is September 22 or 23rd each year. Celebrate with this autumn hat, which has pictures of leaves and acorns. For a full-color version, click on the "ALT" button below. Fall Is Here! This crown is exactly like the one above, but the word "fall" is used instead of "autumn. Winter is Wonderful! This hat features a snowman and snowflakes. For a color version, click the "ALT" link from the list below. Spring Has Sprung! This hat has pictures of flowers, and the words "spring has sprung.

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Happy Summer! Holiday Crowns Ordered by Date.

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Click here to buy all the templates for the Mini top hat set Happythought mini paper top hats — a brief history: When I first set my heart on wearing a mini top hat I had a few hurdles to overcome! Fun party paper top hat templates Paper party hats for parties and fiestas! Add some finishing touchers to your mini top hat!

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Mini paper top hats: Buy the whole top hat pack today. Next post: Mini Circus top hat printable pattern. Plus they seem fairly easy to make.

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